Flat Roof Conservatories

Since the 1980’s conservatories have proven particularly popular with homeowners across the UK. Their ability to add value to a home, improve natural light and provide usable space means conservatories aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

The modern conservatory has changed a lot since the 1980’s, moving away from their reputation as being overwhelmingly hot in the summer and unpleasantly cold in the winter. Advances in insulation mean that conservatories can offer a comfortable temperature all year round.

The team of fibreglass roofing specialists at Nest can install roofing solutions for residential properties, outbuildings, and conservatories.

Conservatory roof replacement

A poorly designed conservatory roof can lead to energy inefficiency. Many glass or polycarbonate conservatory roofs can leave you ice cold in winter and boiling hot in summer, making your conservatory virtually unusable during these seasons.

Whether your roof is causing you energy efficiency issues, you have a troublesome leak or simply fancy a change in design, the team at Nest can help. We can replace your tired, old conservatory roof with a new and improved fibreglass roof.

Benefits of a fibreglass flat-roof conservatory

Replacing your conservatory roof with an energy efficient, fibreglass flat-roof can not only transform your conservatory’s appearance, but also help to provide a functional space, ready to use regardless of the temperature outside.

Opting for a fibreglass roof means you also benefit from the following:

  • Durability – Fibreglass roofs are designed to last and age. Their robust nature means fibreglass roofs can last for up to 30 years when properly maintained!
  • Repair – Should your fibreglass roof fall victim to any damage, they’re easier to repair than other traditional roofing materials such as tiles.
  • Attractiveness – Fibreglass roofs are very appealing to the eye, offering homeowners a chic, modern roofing solution, that can be customised to complement their home.
  • Watertight – Fibreglass roofs are notoriously watertight, often used to make the hulls of boats. A fibreglass conservatory roof offers enhanced protection against adverse whether conditions.
  • Flexibility – Fibreglass roofs make it easier to install any unique features such as light fittings or roof lanterns/windows.

Why choose Nest

Nest are a family-run business, we pride ourselves on providing competitive prices, quality work and after-care and tailored solutions. Our highly skilled team of roofing specialists can cater to a variety of requirements, regardless of how big or small.


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"The lads did a great job on my roof replacement. I would hire them without hesitation. Cheers”
12 August
"I was having awful trouble for a long time with water ingress from my chimney. I previously had it repaired by different contractors on several occasions, but Nest recommended that I have it removed. They did it before Christmas for me as promised. I haven't had a problem since. Thank you everyone at Nest for your help. Jason"
09 September
"New soffits, fascias and guttering installed on a terrace house, front, back, bay window and annex. Fantastic work and a neat job, was done before Christmas. Certainly a company to go for, a swift response with an even swifter into action to get the job done."
20 December
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